Comfort Inn Heritage Mumbai – 3 Star

Comfort Inn Heritage: The only destination for hotel seekers.

We booked this hotel by chance for a three night stay to Mumbai. Arriving at night the location did not look too good but in the daytime strangely it improved!

The transfer from the airport, arranged by the hotel, was excellent but then the only real problem occured. that problem was called Asif. Asif is quite possibly the rudest night staff I have ever met and after a long flight and a journey across Mumbai at 11pm he is not what you want. Similarly on our departure he failed to book the transfer back to the airport at 5am and only the efforts of themorning shift and manager avoided a disaster.

Having said that the room was excellent if a little strange. the rooms are arranged as if they were a motel with windows (non opening) on to a corridor which also had no opening windows. The rooms open opposite each other on a common ‘porch’ with steps down to the corridor, so a little awkward with cases.

Breakfast and all food service was excellent as were all the staff (with above exception) and the location is excellent. Shops and a bottle shop are just around the corner.

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