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At the Mirage, the way, most members of the staff would greet customers when one calls for something on the phone is…Tell Me!! Not one smiling face that greets with, ‘how may I help you’, or ‘what can I do for you’. But every time without fail, its Tell Me or the likes.Escorts in Mirage Hotel, I suppose the concept of customer service alludes most working here.

 Mirage Hotel escorts, The property itself is a functional Mumbai hotel, clean, good food in room service and workable gym. Its proximity to the airport is another added advantage, although the breakfast could do with a little variety.However the service, with no exception is below par in all quarters. There are silly mistakes when delivering food, like cutlery is missing.

When asked for drinking water its not delivered. The general attitude is devoid of the patronage that one would expect from a good mumbai hotel. Call girls in Mirage Hotel, Its like the staff is doing the customers a favour by serving them. I presume that would make a difference between an average hotel and a good one

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