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Escorts in The Oberoi Mumbai, I have been a regular guest at the Oberoi for a few years now and cannot recommend the hotel enough. The staff is always so warm, kind and welcoming! What differentiates this property from other five stars in the city is the attention to finer details – in one instance the housekeeper cleaned my father’s spectacles and left a small ‘take care’ not.

The Oberoi Mumbai escorts, In other instance the general manager sent us a congratulations cake when I made it through a top university and came in to celebrate with friends. I also highly recommend the restaurants (for any foreign guests that might be visiting). Ziya is my absolute favourite in the world.

Call girls in The Oberoi Mumbai, We’ve stayed at the Oberoi in Mumbai for four years in a row now, a week each time. It is an excellent hotel: Warm and friendly people, great housekeeping, fabulous Indian restaurant (Ziya), spectacular service, wonderful views, and centrally located. We highly recommend it. The concierge desk is very very helpful (ask for Santosh, Trishna or Pranay but there are others). We also had an excellent driver for our last three stays.

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