Tunga Regale

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It was really a good experience to stay with Escorts in Tunga Regale, good quality rooms and the Reception staff were all kind courteous. It all turned the stay in a wonderful experience. Will definitely be considering this place for our booking next time.

Tunga Regale escorts is about 15 mins away from the domestic terminal which makes it a convenient choice for a break between flights. The rooms are decently accommodative and amenities are par. The service personnel are competent and friendly. The breakfast buffet was good both from the variety and quality perspective.

Call girls in Tunga Regale, The start by 7 am which was convenient for us because we had an early flight out. The traffic can be a bit troublesome in the peak hours though and can kill the proximity advantage. If it’s really tight stay closer. If you are tossing up between options for stay for a night halt around the airport area this is a good option.

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